So Wrong It’s Right

Conceived in David Taylor's upper west side studio, part plumber's paradise part musical safe space, So Wrong It's Right (SWIR) came to be in 2017 with the coming together of trombonists Felix del Tredici, David Whitwell, Kalun Leung, and David Taylor. The slide is what unites us, a peculiarity of our instrument that we think should be celebrated, fourfold. Our imaginations manifest in new works for trombone quartet, our first which was a site-specific improvisation recorded at National Sawdust in honour of International Women's Day. We are committed to championing creative artists of our time and envision collaborations that are not bound by genre or discipline. Our approach to the trombone ensemble attempts to amplify the salient characteristics of the instrument such as vocalization, clowning, physical theatre, and preparation - a long tradition which we hope to share by developing a new body of repertoire through commissioning and educational initiatives.


Felix Del Tredici

Kalun Leung

David Taylor

David Whitwell




Poster by Robert Del Tredici